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Shree's  -  Artist Statement

about meI wish to introduce myself as a freelance artist, creatively evolving, ShreeArt, basically from INDIA, now in TORONTO CANADA, engaged in Designing, Painting, Inventing & Exploring par unique hand Acrylic Paintings on Real Dried Tree Leaf, Thumb Nail-Paintings, Hand Painted Greeting Cards, Traditional Indian Paper Handicrafts, Hand Painted Oils, Acrylics & Charcoal paintings.

Shree, myself an artist, have got more than 15 years of self learning experience in the field of designing unusual yet visually creative art concepts. Since childhood my passion got a stimulus and my heart pumped to paint anything which was very distinct and unique. Gradually I grew up witnessing the true beauty of the Nature around me and was drown in love with nature’s mesmerizing & unimaginable images which left timeless impressions on my mind.

My hobby took a form of a genuine business as more and more people started loving & appreciating my discovery idea of PAINTING on a REAL DRIED (PEPAL) TREE LEAF & etching designs on a special paper with my own Thumb's Nail, which by now are popularly known as NAIL-PAINTINGS, rubbed with wax based powder color shades.

To the surprise of everyone, I am a born, gifted artist and had not taken any kind of formal training from any institutes. Its just inheritance, that flows in our art.

Presently, I am trying to engage myself in exhibiting & sale of my unusual LANDSCAPES & PORTRAITS paintings with Oils & Acrylic to different artistic communities around, along with REAL DRIED TREE LEAF PAINTINGS & NAIL PAINTINGS (An unusual way of presenting India’s rare Art) to our various esteemed art lovers in Canada as well as rest of the world.

One has to see it, feel it & possess it to believe it. No wonder they are rare.!!


The most impressive of all, my unique Hand Paintings on a Real Dried Tree Leaf with acrylic colors for all occasions are usually hard to believe, but the real dried tree LEAF paintings gives a look which one just keeps on gazing from the very first sight. The lovely Landscapes & Seascapes, with varied shades, stroked very finely & neatly on the small surface of a natural real (Pepal) Tree Leaf, mounted on handmade paper backdrops giving earthy tones to our hand painted LEAF art.

It takes lots of time, sometimes days to paint these intimate details on small surface like a dried LEAF with a balanced hand & equally patient mind. No sketch work is done, directly paints are applied to the leaf giving the finest strokes & artistic visual effects.

Lastly, this hand-painted Leafs are mounted 3Dimentially in an elegant frame, to keep the body, colors & shades intact, for the years to come.

Indeed these LEAF PAINTINGS are very unique, unusual yet eco-friendly in its own way, as they are very much natural, earthy & ethnic which surely acts as a perfect Wall Hanging, Gift, Art Display or simply an Art Décor which can be possessed, treasured & felt for a life time.


India’s most rarest Art of “ NAIL PAINTINGS " A painting done with a little Thumb’s Nail of my Hand & shaded in a very unique style of colors which leaves an embossed impression not only on paper but even on the minds of the viewer. Its beauty lies in its creative etching & unusual textured shading, giving a touch of artistic excellence all over the artwork.

Nail paintings has many forms, while sometimes Abstract shapes & Human faces with varied emotions are engraved and very often one can find very artistic figures of Lord Ganesh, Divine Aum, Animals & Flowers Nail painted very finely on a special art paper.

It takes tremendous patience & immense concentration, to emboss & create such imaginary sketches, sometimes days to etch certain distinct details on small as well as huge sized special paper with an accurate pressured hand & equally thoughtful mind. No sketch work is done on the paper, directly the thumbnail moves & the outline gets embossed as per my thoughts to portray some fantastic & unmatched visual designs. Shading & coloring process is wonderfully interesting as the artwork has to be rubbed on sprinkled wax based powder colors; generating an unbelievable shady textures & tones creating a magical illusions to my so called NAIL PAINTINGS.



Ami’s  -  Artist Statement

I AMI MEHTA, a freelance portrait artist, basically from city of Baroda, India, now in Toronto Canada.  As I was born and raised in a small city of Baroda, India, my roots belong deep into Indian culture & traditions. This is where, as a child, many trips were made to visit the different places - visits that set the stage and influenced my life and paintings even though I have graduated in Science.

My art is appealing and strong with a myriad of bright & lovely colors flavored with imagery visions.  I paint everything from portraits, folk tale characters & human emotions to memories & nature found objects. My work is about elegance, beauty, colors, energy and life. I paint with charcoal, acrylics and oil paints on canvas boards. My most rewarding work is experienced when Life’s special moments and places are captured in my paintings that bring joy and hope to those who view, feel, posses and cherish them.

I have exhibited my work over number of places in India as well across North America. Some of my artworks have loaned itself to several art lovers houses & offices in Canada & USA. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a husband who too was a born unusual artist since birth. We share a very colorful & lovable relationship being, both artists within ourselves.

I invite you into my world of colors, design, creativity & imagination. My inspirations are nature, music, dreams, my vision & the creative spirit of our universe. I strongly believe that artwork thus inspired resonates an energy of peace, love and joy wherever it is placed and has a positive effect on those viewing or living with it. I welcome you to visit our website at www.shreeart.com for more images and information about our unique & rare art from India.

Oil Portraits On Canvas

For over thousand years, important public buildings and fine homes have defined themselves through architecture, sculpture, and portraiture. Today the oil painted portrait is an enjoying renaissance focal point in modern decor. No other item in fine home could replace a quality Oil painted Portrait or Landscape.
Shree Art provides only the finest oil paintings for lifetime collection. Each piece is created to its finest quality painting based on our artistic visions.

Our market resides within finest oil painting lovers with a passion to own their  “own” painting to reflect their personality, character and belief – which we believe are priceless.
All our paintings comes with artist signature and 100% hand painted on premium grade canvas with best oil available to ensure it will last life time & beyond. Each painting takes approx. 3 weeks to complete to ensure its excellent quality.

Shree Art Gallery guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the masterpiece paintings presented in front of you and you will surely enjoy our finest painting for your lifetime.

For your ready reference kindly visit our website: www.shreeart.com to get a glimpse of the range of more artistic products.

AMI S. MEHTA (Artist)

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